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Wrekin Shell Group Invests in Casting Simulation from Altair

20th September 2022, Birmingham, United Kingdom. - Origin Engineering Solutions, an organisation 100% focused on design and simulation focused on the manufacturing sector today announced that Wrekin Shell Group, one of the UK’s premier foundries for the production of complex castings have invested in Altair Inspire Cast ™ to improve method development and deliver better outcomes for customers.

Wrekin Shell Group, consists of multiple companies including Wrekin Shell Mouldings and The Cubra Casting Company where they offer complex castings using the shell moulding, gravity die casting, sand casting and investment casting process. Wrekin Shell Group always put their customers front and centre of everything they do, and are focused on delivering quality products consistently, at an affordable price.

For a couple of years, the group have been looking for a casting simulation tool that would allow them to improve method development to enhance yields and reduce wastage allowing them to deliver even greater efficiencies for their customers. It was important that the product could be used both by the Foundry and the Design Team delivering accurate results at an affordable price.

By working with Origin Engineering Solutions to implement Altair Inspire Cast ™ Wrekin Shell Group will be able to quickly explore different solutions for customers validating both the filling and solidification of their cast parts. Combining simulation with their talented workforce will allow them to continue solving complex challenges for their customers whilst improving yields and reducing costs.

Karl Motherwell, Technical Director of Wrekin Shell Group said “We are always focused on technology that helps us deliver greater efficiencies and outcomes for our customers, as the market keeps getting more competitive it’s vital that we continue to invest to stay at the forefront and be the best at what we do”

Rob Shropshire, Director of Origin Engineering Solutions said “We are delighted to welcome Wrekin Shell Group to our client base, we know that Altair Inspire Cast ™ is a powerful tool used my many other foundries in the UK and we look forward to providing Wrekin Shell Group with all the support & training they need to get the most out of their investment. It is refreshing to work with a forward thinking company seeing technology combined with the right people as a key driver for their continued growth and success”

About Origin Engineering Solutions

100% Focused on providing and supporting Design and Simulation solutions. We believe that upfront simulation allows organisations to speed up product/method development, reduce costs and improve quality. Working with Altair, we provide best in class simulation products for Casting, Metal Forming, Injection Moulding and 3D Printing.

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Wrekin Shell Group

Wrekin Shell Group consists of multiple companies including Wrekin Shell Mouldings and The Cubra Casting Company and are an integrated supplier of cast and machined products including brass and aluminium gravity die castings, sand castings, shell moulding, investment/lost wax castings in all copper-based alloys and nickel bronzes.

Using the support and advice of their expert advisors in their technical development department they offer the facility to manufacture to customers specific requests from casting development, tooling design, precision machining and all the way through to assembly and test of the finished parts.

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