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Evocon is a cloud based OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) application which helps its customers automate and digitise data collection, identify bottlenecks and improvement areas and increase equipment effectiveness. 

See the product benefits and further resources below. Contact us for a demo or a free trial.

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Dashboards and Metrics

  • Provide teams with the information they need in real-time.

  • Visual dashboards focusing on the businesses key metrics.

  • Move away from disconnected, manual and time consuming data collection.

Track and Analyse Machine Downtime

  • Allow machine planned and unplanned stops to be captured in real time, leading to more accurate data.

  • Discover trends and identify causation to improve in the future.

  • Historical analysis and root cause analysis.

Improve Quality

  • Digitise and automate all of the recurring quality and maintenance checks.

  • Move from being re-active to pro-active.

  • Real time information leads to less wastage and improvement in quality.

Increased Efficiency / Faster
Cycle Time

  • Deal with issues as they arrive to stop wastage and drive higher OEE scores.

  • Empower employees, gamify production and bring a sense of fun/competition to sites and teams.

  • Save time on manual data collection processes.

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