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Ansys SpaceClaim

Ansys SpaceClaim empowers engineers and designers with an intuitive and flexible approach to create, edit, and repair 3D geometry. With its direct modeling capabilities, you can effortlessly manipulate individual faces, edges, and vertices, revolutionizing the way you interact with CAD models. Whether you're designing new concepts, modifying existing models, or preparing geometry for simulation or 3D printing, SpaceClaim offers a comprehensive suite of tools. Simplify complex tasks, import and export various file formats, repair and heal geometry, and unleash your creativity with SpaceClaim's user-friendly interface. Join the ranks of aerospace, automotive, and industrial experts who rely on SpaceClaim for their design and engineering needs. Experience the future of 3D modeling with SpaceClaim today.

See the product benefits and use cases below to find out more. Contact us for a demo or a free trial.

Ansys SpaceClaim


Allow Engineers and not just CAD users to create and manipulate 3D Models 



Many automated tools from repairing geometry to reverse  Engineering



Ideal for Engineers who don't have the time to use heavy CAD tools but need to get answers fast



Provide a toolkit which allows all stakeholders to be engaged and understood in the design process 



Decrease time to market by 30% and iterate 5x Faster



Provide more detailed information during the design process and improve the quality of data being provided to clients

Ansys SpaceClaim

Ansys SpaceClaim
Manufacturing Engineer - Ansys SpaceClaim

Manufacturing Engineer - Ansys SpaceClaim

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Reverse Engineering Tools Ansys SpaceClaim - Auto-Skin (Wrap) and Prismatic reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering Tools Ansys SpaceClaim - Auto-Skin (Wrap) and Prismatic reverse engineering

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Ansys SpaceClaim - Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Ansys SpaceClaim - Sheet Metal Manufacturing

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Jig and Fixture Design with ANSYS SpaceClaim

Jig and Fixture Design with ANSYS SpaceClaim

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  • Fastest concept design tool

  • Easily visualise and communicate designs in 3D

  • Detailed drawings including 2D/3D/GD&T

  • Open/Edit CAD files from native CAD systems

  • Full part and assembly modelling 

  • Sketch based constraints

  • Convert 3D scan data back to a CAD model

  • Recreate a 3D CAD model from physical measurements taken from an object 

  • Convert 2D drawing to a 3D model

  • Handle large datasets

  • Easily manipulate mesh data

  • Minimal training - 1 day

  • Import flat pattern and any customer geometry to extract data and generate accurate quotes in minutes not hours 

  • Quickly prepare accurate flat pattern geometry in .dxf format for programming

  • Allows the import of any CAD file no matter who created it

  • Create and modify CAD files 

  • Prep and repair models for 3D printing 

  • Save and export STL, OBJ, AMF and more

  • Manipulate solids to scale models

  • Shell Models and create custom infills to reduce material and save on costs and printing time

  • Automated verification and repairing STL

  • Support and enable simulation driven design initiatives

  • Optimise value stream between detailed design and CAE work groups

  • Increase early phase CAE capacity to drive innovation

  • Understand your products at an early stage to reduce time to market 

  • Work with any CAD data to edit and prepare models for manuacturing 

  • Convert DXF/DWG files into 3D easily

  • Grab standard parts from traceparts and cadenas libraries

  • Remove or modify components easily with no knowledge of how the model was built 

  • Import all major CAD formats and neutral file types

  • Great data translation capabillity between all CAD systems

  • Fix corrupted data or missing faces

  • Extract cores/volumes quickly and easily. 

  • Extract split lines to enable you to split the mould.

  • Quick Jig & Fixture Design,

  • Quickly check models for draft and easily add draft where needed.

Many Other Use Cases

  • If you would like to know more about SpaceClaim and see how it could benefit your organisation please get in contact and we can offer tailored demos around your parts and use cases.

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