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MODView is a low cost CAD viewer and translator. Originally developed for the Korean motor industry to enable customers and suppliers the ability to view and convert large automotive files without the need for expensive CAD software. 

It is now the viewer for the KIA and Hyundai motor groups.

MODView has the ability to import almost all 3D CAD files types and also has the ability to read 2D file types such as .catdrawing files. These can be then imported out in many 'industry standard' formats.

Please see below the list of file formats supported.



Get up to speed fast within a couple of hours giving you a fast ROI



No need to spend money on expensive CAD software purely to view and translate



Allows engineers who may not need to modify or create geometry to view and translate models



Import all major 3D file formats and easily convert to a usable CAD type


Supported File Types

3D File Types

  • MODView 3D Files (*.MV3D)

  • MODView Design Suite Files (*.MDS3D)

  • OPR3D Files (*.OPR3D)

  • 3D XML Files (*. 3dsxml)

  • CATIA V4 Files (*.model, *.exp, *.session, *.dlv)

  • CATPart Files (*.catpart)

  • CATProduct Files (*.catproduct)

  • CATShape Files (*.catshape)

  • CGR Files (*.cgr)

  • I-deas Files (*.mf1, *.arc, *.unv, *.pkg)

  • Industry Foundation Classes (*.ifc, *.ifczip)

  • IGES Files (*.igs, *.IGES)

  • Inventor Files (*.ipt, *.iam)

  • JT Files (*.jt)

  • Parasolid Files (*.x_t, *.x_b, xmt, xmt_txt)

  • PRC Files (*.prc)

  • Pro/ENGINEER Files (*.asm, *.neu, *.prt, *.xas, *.xpr)

  • SolidEdge Files (*.asm, *.par, *.pwd, *.psm)

  • STEP Files (*.step, *.stp, *.stpz, *stp.z)

  • Universal 3D files (*.u3d)

  • Unigraphics Files (*.prt)

  • VDA Files (*.vda)

  • STL Files (*.stl)

  • VRML Files (*.wrl, *.vrml)

  • Revit Files ( *.rvt, *.rfa)

  • HOOPS Stream Files (*.hsf)

  • PLY Files (*.ply)

  • Alias Wavefront Files (*.obj)

  • Rhino Files (*.3dm)

  • PDF Files (*.pdf)

  • ACIS Files (*.sat, *.sab)

  • Point Cloud Files (*pts, *.ptx, *.xyz)

2D File Types

  • MODView 2D Files (*.MV2D)

  • OPR2D Files (*.OPR2D)

  • MODView Image Files (*.MVImage)

  • OPR Image Files (*. OPRImage)

  • HPGL Files (*.hpgl, *.hpg, *.hgl)

  • PLT Files (*.plt)

  • CATDrawings Files (*.catdrawing)

  • AutoCAD Files (*.dwg, *.dxf)

  • Computer Graphics Meta Files (*.cgm)

  • Plot Files (*.plt, *.gl2)

  • BMP Files (*.bmp)

  • JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg)

  • TIFF Files (*.tif, *.tiff)

  • PNG Files (*.png)

  • GIF Files (*gif)

  • Truevision Files (*.tga)

  • Intergraph Files (*.tg4)

  • NC Data Files (*.nc, *.274, *.cnc, *.tap)

Large File reduction

  • Import large assembly files and extract the part you need

  • Easily open and refine very large (500Mb+) OEM (CATIA, NX, CREO/Pro/E) CAD data sets for internal manufacturing purposes.

Use cases

  • Interrogating OEM supplied CAD data for quotation and estimating purposes.

  • Translating OEM supplied CAD into your own internal CAD/CAM systems.

  • Take measurements, compare CAD models, take snapshots and images

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