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Origin Engineering Solutions and Ansys attending Engineering Design Show Stand F7

Origin will be presenting the Ansys Discovery product range for only the second time since lockdown at the EDS show hosted at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry from 19th-20th October.

The Opportunity

For many businesses, simulation is the domain of experienced CAE engineers. They play a vital role in ensuring that products perform as expected for the end customers. In addition analysis can often prevent companies having to re-run production by spotting mistakes early in the product development lifecycle.

Whilst this is great and certainly better than not doing any analysis! (which we do see). The Ansys Discovery product allows designers or any engineers with limited training to get involved in analysis (Structural, Thermal and Fluid) even earlier in the design process. This allows designers to understand their products better and to make decisions regarding design that will ultimately reduce the amount of back and forth with the CAE engineers meaning that products can get out to market faster and time is saved!

In addition, many businesses profit margins are squeezed so being able to optimise and reduce materials whilst maintaining the strength of the part is vital in terms of increasing your margin. Again, enabling designers by providing analysis capabilities is a great way to empower designers with the information they need to produce the best design for the end customer, whilst also allowing them to consider materials usage strategically to reduce cost.

Come and Engage with Us

Visit us on stand F7 for a tailored demonstration to understand how our solutions help to:

· Easily repair and modify geometry regardless of file type software used to create

· Instantaneous simulation of parts (Structural, Fluid and Thermal)

· Witness the first simulation solution to run of GPU

· Shell models to minimise waste and create infills

. Quick reverse engineer parts and prepare for machining/3d Printing

If you have not already registered you can Book your place here

Hope to see you there!

The Origin Team

About Origin Engineering Solutions

Origin Engineering Solutions are 100% Focused on providing and supporting Engineering solutions that improve outputs, save time, and reduce cost. We are very pleased to be showcasing the Ansys product’s at the Engineering Design Show –

About Ansys

Ansys is a global organisation that provide 3d Design and simulation solutions which are applied to the world’s most complex design issues to make the impossible possible -

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