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Learn how to take the guesswork out of Material Handling in Factories

14th June, 2023 at 2pm

Companies are under pressure to introduce new product lines as fast as possible, and produce them in the most cost efficient way. Sectors like Food and Beverages, Pharma, Electronics and Construction to name a few, deal with a high volume of items and product lines that are constantly changing.

Process Engineers must align the equipment being used with the product that’s being produced to ensure the fastest possible throughput, with the highest level of quality and lowest level of waste.

Bowl Feeders, Conveyor Systems and Sorting Machines all play a vital part in achieving greater efficiency but getting them set up right for your product can be time consuming and problematic. Process Engineers often rely on trial and error and expensive prototypes to get things right, but there is a better solution.

Algoryx Momentum, is built on Ansys SpaceClaim (A Direct Modeler CAD Tool) and provides an affordable solution and easy to use templates which can be used across multiple applications including Bowl Feeders, Conveyor Systems and Sorting Machines allowing you to model and simulate how products will behave in the equipment, allowing you to virtually simulate a process before a prototype is even built.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • How to import models from your chosen CAD system or create your own geometry in SpaceClaim

  • How to set up the simulation, explore designs and problem solve.

  • How to analyse dependability and do performance testing

Who should attend?

  • Process Engineers

  • Quality & Production Managers

  • Consultants developing solutions for their clients.

* Anyone unable to attend on the day can still register, and we will send a recording out post event.

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Sorting Machines

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