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Thursday, 5th October 2023 at 2pm

Product Development teams are under consistent pressure to come up with innovate design ideas, whilst juggling with time constraints and getting the product out to market. The further down a product development process you go, the more expensive it is to change. Without the right tools, companies are left playing it safe and doing what they have always done or taking a risk on a design and hoping that simulation later on does not throw up any serious issues.

Ansys Discovery, is the first product designed to give a Design Engineer/CAE Engineer an instant, multi-physics simulation tool environment to rapidly explore and optimise designs. This gives the user the ability to explore multiple design iterations very quickly, to ensure they are on the right track and validate their thinking.

In this session, we will prove the power of Ansys Discovery by attempting to Iterate, Validate and Optimise a Drone Design all in 30 mins!

Attend and Learn

  • Setting up an FEA study on the Drone design and looking at Factor of Safety, Displacement and Stress

  • Set up CFD studies to rapidly explore airflow and optimise wing design

  • Explore the thermal properties of the internal electronics to ensure adequate cooling 

  • Use automated Topology Optimisation Routine to lightweight aircraft, whilst adhering to manufacturing constraints and max displacement targets

​ Who should attend?

  • Designers working in CAD doing conceptual or detailed design.

  • Engineering teams who lack simulation expertise, or outsource it.

  • Managers looking to explore fast design iterations to provide an analyst with a narrower range of designs.

Register Now 

*If you are unable to attend on the day, please feel free to register and we will send you a copy of the recording after the event.

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