Origin widens product portfolio by introducing Altair Inspire Mold and Altair Inspire Form.

Origin Engineering are pleased to announce they are taking on two further solutions from Altair, Inspire Mold and Inspire Form. Following on from the success we have had with Altair Inspire Cast, we are keen to keep on delivering more value to our customers with two more of Altair's manufacturing focused products.

Inspire Mold is a tool for simulating the plastic injection molded process. Inspire Mold allows you to simulate how the mold fills. Virtual testing, correction and optimisation of molded designs can easily be performed following a 5 step process. Early upfront simulation allows you to quickly identify potential costly defects such as welding lines, air entrapment, sink marks and more.

Inspire Form is a tool for simulating the metal stamping/ forming process. Inspire Form is split into two modules feasibility and try-out, feasibility analysis allows you to quickly check whether it is formable and identify areas that may cause issues. It also allows you to extract the flat blank from your part and proposes an efficient layout of the blank (nesting) which can be exported as an IGES file. The try-out stage allows you to optimize the manufacturing process setting up single and multistage metal forming virtual try-out tools. The fast and scalable incremental solver supports forming and trimming, giving the ability to accurately analyze material flow, splits, wrinkles, lose metal, and springback.

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If you would like any information on any of these tools please don't hesitate to contact us.

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